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Kayla Rae Cellars

Current Hours

Closed Mondays

Tuesday - Thursday 12-8

Friday & Saturday 12-9 Sunday 12-5

Ph: 616-951-7001

31 Courtland St, Rockford, Michigan

Red Wines

Malbec: Medium-Bodied with

Plenty of acidity,black cherry and blackberry notes. Dark inky purple color.


Pinot Noir: Light body with

Sweet cherry aroma, peppery Middle and soft finish.


Fruit Wines

Samples $1 Glasses $6

Merlot: Soft and supple with powerful fruit and spicy flavors.


Carignan: Earthy nose and front followed by black cherry finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon: Bold nose of red berry and cherry notes. Rich flavors of black currant, plumbs and cherries. Exceptional balance.


Depot Red: Fruit flavors of cherry, plumb and black currant with a bit of tannin on the finish.


Petite Franc: Dark fruit flavors dominated by plumb, blackberry and raisin notes. Extraordinary balance of fruit and tannin.


Mirage: A full-bodied. Fruit-forward blend that highlights the best characteristics of the varietal's it contains, finishing dry.


Pinot Grigio: Medium-bodied wine with delicate floral notes. Crisp and flavorful with tropical fruit aromas and hints of green apple, melon and citrus. Fruity yet dry finish.


Chardonnay: Un-oaked, light and fruity with green apple on the nose. Creamy in the front, citrusy in the back.


Riesling: A Medium-bodied, semi sweet and well balanced wine. Subtle hints of peach and apricot.


Dam White: Light floral notes. Rich creamy honeysuckle mid palate with a lemony finish.


On Tap

White Wines

Dam Blush: Violets and cherry aroma, tastes of dark fruit.  $14

Cran-Apple: Cranberry and apple wine blend.  $13

Dam Red: Sweet red blend of Concord grapes.  $13

Seasonal Cider:  made with fresh Michigan apples. $9 howler fill 16$ growler fill

Blackberry Cider: always on tap and always delicious. $8 howler fill 15$ growler fill

Sangria Wine: This sweet red sangria will keep you coming back for more. $8 howler fill $15 growler fill

N/A Rootbeer: Delicious homemade non alcoholic rootbeer for the kids! (Or adults). $3 a glass, $4 howler fill, $8 growler fill.

Sparkling Wine

Refreshing and semi-dry bubbles from the albarino grape. $22

Not for sampling  Sold by bottle only

Dessert Wine

Cheese and cracker platter- $10   with chocolates $14

6 bottles = 10% discount   -   12 bottles =15% discount   -   24 bottles =20% discount

64 oz growler $6 for the jar

32 oz howler $5 for the jar

Syrah: Dark black cherry red. Nose of dark berries. Tastes of ripe blueberry, blackberry with a dash of espresso and black pepper


Muscato: Pleasingly fragrant, east and soft of the palate wile being quite sweet in the finish.


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Depot White: Our Chardonnay and Albarino blend. Nice floral bouquet with apricot character blending with minerality and acidity.


Black Forest: If you like dark chocolate & cherries this is a must try.


Delight: Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet. Full-bodied with rich buttery caramel and robust red fruit flavors. Dessert in a glass!